Our Junior Kickboxing program is designed for ages 10 to 15. Students will learn the basic fundamental skills attained by competitive kickboxers, combined with fitness, stretching, technique and core strengthening. Whether you are here for recreational activity or simply to get in shape, or if you have aspirations to reach the highest quality competitive level, we will focus on your individual needs to get you there.Students will eventually move from this program to the adult kickboxing, so the focus is on conditioning your mind and body for that.This is a great work out that will teach you important skills to protect yourself in today’s world.

Lady Kick

Have a blast getting in shape with our ladies only kickboxing program! Combine your full cardio workout with great self-defense moves that are quickly becoming necessary in today’s changing society. This program will help you reach goals in strength training, flexibility, conditioning, core strengthening and technique! Students can remain at a recreational level or progress on to compete at a national and international level. Our fun and relaxed environment makes it comfortable if you are just starting out or are an experienced athlete. This class is excellent for independent students or groups!

Adult (co-ed)

If you’re looking for a challenge to help get back in shape, or looking to compete at the highest level of competition, or simply to have fun and learn different techniques while working out, this class is designed for you! This program features a high intensity workout for both men and women that will improve your flexibility, cardiovascular system, agility, strength, core muscles and help tone your whole body! Learn to kick, punch, and move like a professional with our combination of exercises and focus drills that will push your body and mind to its full potential. Each class will leave you feeling great about yourself as you track your progress!